If you’ve been in the theater scene of Minneapolis or Saint Paul for any amount of time, I’m sure you’re aware of how incredibly important headshots are to the performing world. Your headshot is not merely picture of you from the shoulders up in black and white. A headshot is an extension of who you are and what roles you want to play. Twin Cities Headshots is not just portrait photography; we do headshots and we do them well.

How should I prepare for my shoot?

Think a little bit ahead of time about what sorts of roles you’d love to play, because we’ll try to capture the essence of characters like that in a few of your shots.

How should I dress?

Performing is image driven: so your clothes, hair and make-up will truly make a world of difference in your headshots. Take the time to be well prepared! Be sure that your make up is fully done – but you’ll still want to look like yourself. Choose a flattering outfit with colors that compliment you, but nothing too busy or distracting. Although many popular styles include loose, flowing clothing, it’s important that you bring fitted clothes. Your body is your instrument, and directors want to see it! It is also easiest for us to create slimming angles if your clothing is fitted. Remember that we will take full body shots, so make sure you look great from head to toe! Jackets or cardigans are great for layering.

What should I bring?

  • chap stick or lip gloss
  • hair binder for longer hair
  • jacket or cardigan
  • a stylish hat, or hair piece

What locations do you use?

  • large windows for natural light
  • a variety of neutral backgrounds
  • no large crowds of people

If you have any questions about your session with Twin Cities Headshots, please feel free to contact us.