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Bethany and Ellie were very good friends and both semi-professional photographers all through their college years. In 2012, Bethany's dad told her she should consider going into business with Ellie. When Bethany told Ellie this, Ellie responded "No way! My dad told me the same thing yesterday!" (Our dads did not know each other at the time.)

So... here we are, 12 years later, and we've never looked back.

Bethany has a background in music but currently fills her free time with her husband, dog, and 29 chickens. She loves working with people and bringing out the best in all of her clients.

Ellie's background is in communications and theater, but her life is full being a wife and a mom of two very small and adorable girls. It’s her joy to make each client feel seen, special, and valued whether in conversation or in front of the camera.

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Individuals and teams we work with consistently express relief and excitement about their session. They will often compare it to experiences they've had in the past, in which the photographer didn't make them feel at ease, or didn't let them see the photos as the shoot was happening, or didn't take the time to adjust hair, clothes, and accessories. At Twin Cities Headshots we believe that every person in front of our camera deserves a personalized experience and a photo they LOVE!

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